Handwoven Taznakht Berber Glaoui Moroccan Rug 160 x 104cm

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This is a beautiful 100% wool handmade Moroccan Berber Glaoui rug from Taznakht, a small Berber region in Morocco. Glaoui rugs combine three different techniques - flatweaving, knotting and embroidery - to produce rugs with a complex design featuring traditional berber motifs. The wool is coloured with vegetable dyes in cream, peach, red, black, blue and gold. This rug features stripes of different colours with woven, embroidered and knotted zig-zag and geometric designs framed with a knotted striped border.

It is woven by skilled artisans using a traditional hand loom, so only has tassels on one side, which is formed from the excess warp threads - there are loops on the other side, where the weaving is started from. Additionally, the rug can be used on the reverse side.

This a unique item, and a work of art - no two rugs are the same - and will make a unique statement in your home, whether it complements your shabby chic or ethnically-inspired boho decor or is a contrast to your neutral colour palette.

size: 160 x 104cm (including 10cm fringe)

100% Sheep's Wool

Handmade in Morocco

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