About Marrakech…

The Neolithic time marks a turning in the construction of the Kingdom of Morocco. Indeed, it is in this period that the migrations came from the North and the East, bringing with them their traditions and their arts.

Today, we can see for ourselves the history and the thousand-year-old traditions, as well as the diversity of Morocco’s population. The culture brought about the richness of Morocco’s craft industry, which gathers more than 70 trades of astonishing diversity of creations and materials used: leather, copper, stone, iron…

This craft industry does not cease developing, meeting both the daily needs of the population, and also those from abroad thanks to exports, as well as the many visiting tourists.

It is essential to safeguard this inheritance which is so much a part of Morocco’s history. Without the craft industry, thousands of families would be condemned to poverty and we’d see an end of the extraordinary bustling Moroccan souks.

As long as the the artisans continue to create, the markets will welcome shoppers, where browsing through a dizzying myriad of stores seems to immerse you in the history of the Kingdom.

Alas, we cannot transport ourselves instantly to the Marrakech Bazaar to see the goods on offer. However our online store presents carefully chosen items directly from Morocco to either grace your own home or to give as beautiful gifts which your loved ones will adore.