Handmade Moroccan Berber multicoloured tribal abstract geometric ethnic wool rug from Azilal



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Handwoven rug from a region called Azilal.

100% organic wool from the Azilal province are rare and were almost unknown to the market until the late 1990’s. Their wool tends to be finer, producing a lustrous, almost cloth-like covering. They feature simplistic geometric shapes and patterns with dashes of vibrant colours always on a cream background.

Azilal rugs have become a popular, more colourful, alternative to the minimalist and monochrome Beni Ouarain rugs. Similarly, they are increasingly hard to find and are amongst the most highly sought after Berber tribal rugs.

Each rug is unique and showcases great creativity, combining erratic and abstract patterns with different Berber symbols and geometric-based designs.

Ideal to add life and glow to any space in the home!

157cm long x 105cm wide

Made in Morocco