The Neolithic time marks a turning in the construction of the Kingdom of Morocco. It is indeed, for this period that the migrations come from North and the East S’install, bringing with them their traditions and their arts.

Today, the past, the thousand-year-old traditions as well as the diversity of its population and her culture knew to forge the richness of this craft industry which gathers more than 70 trades and astonishes by diversity by creations and materials used : drink, copper, stone, iron...

moroccan artizanat
This craft industry does not cease developing, thus meeting the daily needs for the population, with those from abroad thanks to exports, but satisfied also with many tourists.

It is essential to safeguard this inheritance which makes party of the history of Morocco. Without this craft industry of the thousands of families would be condemned to poverty and that would sign the end of this extraordinary agitation of the souks which gives the flâneurs of which all the directions are in awakening a feeling of giddiness and this impression to plunge in the past of the Kingdom.
moroccan bazaar